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How Do The U.S. Speeding Fines work

Every American state is allowed by The US Regulatory system to own different rules from different factors. whereas federal laws still apply across all the US territories, states will impose stricter or less strict sanctions for speeding. identical speed might get you in jail in one state, whereas another state can let you go with a fine ticket.

Europeans might be difficult for them understanding the regulations of other countries since each country has a specific language, while this excuse doesn’t exist in U.S. and this is applicable for speeding. And this doesn’t mean that we are encouraging speeding, however, it is a reason for people to know where they must be careful.

You can try with the data displayed below, but you must be wise. The gravity of a driving error is different from a state to another, it depends on the time and area when it happened, speeding penalties may be increased in construction or school zone. Before we talk about the worst and least-worst places to be caught speeding, we should mention that all U.S. states use the insurance increases from 3% to 60% if the speeding penalties were not enough, when drivers get tickets for speeding.

Some of the worst states for speeding

State The first penalty speeding ticket Notes
Georgia $1,000 1-year penalty in jail.
  Nevada $1,000 sentence of about six months in prison.
North Carolina $1,000 two months in prison.
  California $600 + fees may apply Your insurance will increase if you speed.
  Virginia People should drive less than 80 mile/ph or you will pay $2,500 About 1-year penalty in prison.  
  New York   $600 Up to 30 days in prison if you go 30 m/ph over the limits.
    Massachusetts   Speeding in a tunnel gets one a $500 fine Exceeding the limit costs $ 10 in addition to the minimum fine of $ 100 for the rest of the roads.
New Jersey Has the largest number of speed traps in the United States, and going 10 m/ph over the limit in NJ will be classified as “racing” on public highways,  

Some of The lowest fines states for speeding

State The first penalty speeding ticket Notes
Oregon $600 /
  Indiana   $500 It can duplicate in school zone, or extra money if it happened near a construction site.
Kansas  $500 /
Maryland   $500 It can duplicate in school zone
Colorado From $36 to $232 Repeated violations can pay more.
  Tennessee      $50 You can pay $ 500 if you are trapped + possibility of prison.
Idaho  $75 to $140 /
Montana  From $20 to $100 Has the least number traps in the USA.
    North Dakota   $10 if you are driving over 10 m/ph The state also has the slightest activity of speed trap and the least fine, the same for the stat roads whose limits are lower than 55 m/ph.


Indeed, to be away from tickets is to respect the speed limit, your seat-belt on, your occupants have done the same, and stay on your way, and everything will be fine.

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